H2O  Perfected...

The AquaPulse system improves the bioavailablility of water, making water more efficient. Hence our name H2OPErfected.



About AquaPulse...

We have discovered an all-natural, environmentally friendly process that increases the bioavailablity of naturally occurring trace elements and minerals in water.

Environmentally friendly supplies of food and water are in short supply, and the goal of AquaPulse is to provide more food using less water. A patented pending process weakens the molecular bonds between the water and naturally occurring trace minerals. This increases the bioavailability of these vital nutrients, enabling plants and animals to more easily absorb more water and minerals.

Independent analysis of AquaPulse’s effect on food production showed yield increases of 12-52% in common vegetables!

Testing proves that AquaPulse generates more production in agriculture, dairy, poultry and fish stocks, simply by treating the water with our all-natural process.